Why Democrat?

If any of you were familiar with my last campaign (all 75 of you) you will recognize that this time around I am running as a Democrat. Some may even be hurt by this. I get it.

I originally wanted to stay independent. Being independent is appealing to me for several reasons. Biggest among those being that I prefer to be beholden to no party and be free to do as I please. However, it has become clear to me during the pandemic that certain stances need to be on the biggest platform possible. The Democratic Party is one that I have been a member of in the past and I am happy to join it again.

But if I’m going in as a Democrat, it’s on my own terms. I am still going to be unafraid to go against the grain if I feel it is the right thing to do. I will still go with whatever solution brings about the best result - even if it is a Republican solution. I am going to be for the people of this region, regardless of political affiliation.

I also liked being independent because I believe that in a perfect democracy there would be no major parties, only small sects that work together and who are voted in via nonpartisan manners that focus more on who the candidate is rather than the party they register with.

I still believe in this tenet of “person, not party.” Each person is an individual and should strive to not be reliant and handcuffed to something they don’t believe in only because it is what the party wants. I hope everyone learns just who their candidates for representation are before they cast their votes. They are representing US, after all.

I understand any frustration leveled my way as a result of this. I hope no one feels betrayed or that I’ve changed anything about who I am as a politician. I’m simply trying to find where I can be of best service to this community and for now it is with the Democratic Party.

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