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Matt on the Issues - Women's Rights

I am not a woman, so I will not pretend to know the struggles that go into every day life of women. Whether it is a "pink tax," reproductive rights, or pay disparity, however, I am on the side of women's groups. I listen to the people who live these struggles and deal with the disparities on a daily basis. And what they tell us is that women are paid less, respected less in the workplace, forced to pay more for more hygiene products, and that their reproductive rights are constantly being fought over.

While I may personally not find an abortion in the best interest of me and my family, I also understand that my personal belief on how the issue impacts my life and my circumstances should not control what someone else does with their body, especially in instances of duress or potential medical emergency. That is a conversation for someone to have with their own partners, family members, or medical professionals. I will never pass a law that goes against the wants and needs of the women of this region in regards to how it impacts them, and I will listen to their requests and input on the issues - as they are the ones directly impacted.

This goes for all walks and facets in life. I will never pretend to know what is best for each and every person, and I always want to listen and help find the best solution that helps us all move forward towards equality and proper representation in the name of fairness.

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