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Matt on the Issues - Police Reform

Here's another very complex issue (obviously).

I believe police have become too separated from their communities and have been militarized to a point where an "us vs them" mentality to some extent is inevitable.

What I am NOT for is defunding police, eliminating police forces, etc. What I want to see done is a concentrated effort to reinject peaceful police presence in our communities. Let us trust and work with the police again. Rather than having ticket quotas and incentives for punishing citizens, lets try and be more proactive. Part of building the trust back into our society is for both sides to be willing to take a step towards the other. Forcing one side while allowing the other to give no ground up is only a recipe for further divide.

Fund community outreach officers, fund drug rehabilitations to prevent repeat offenders, decriminalize less harmful drugs to inspire understanding and assistance, and just take some time to look over our current police requirements and training to ensure that some de-escalation and proper use of force is implemented, as well as helping to train out any existing prejudices that may exist.

Our police should be nonpartisan. Turning them into a political tool seems sick and irresponsible to me. Citizens feel like they either have to support police under all circumstances or damn them at every opportunity. I think if we all take a moment to sit down and talk with our community leaders and police leadership, we can try and find common ground to benefit everyone.

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