From the Trail: Happy Primary Eve...Eve?

After a few hectic (but ultimately fulfilling) months of campaigning, our first real test is this Tuesday. While I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for my opponent, Larry Grell, I truly believe that our movement is more beneficial to the area and I hope the people agree. I also am slightly concerned about Larry's apprehension to the topic of reproductive freedom, which has been a bit unclear in terms of messaging.

That said, this post isn't to hit Larry or sway people - this post is to thank you and remind you to vote this Tuesday!

This weekend, the campaign ran its first print ad in the weekend edition of the Midland Daily News. That is not possible without all of you and the immense and appreciated support you have shown me. It was one of the larger purchases I have made, with the exception of my house, car, and wedding, but I believe it was a good tool to help get name recognition among those who may not use social media as much and am happy with the support and assistance I received from the Midland Daily News. Their commitment to being non partisan and giving equal opportunity to all candidates is both refreshing and a reminder of the importance of true journalism.

I won't waste everyone's time with thanking every individual who has helped me, but I do want you to know it is noticed and appreciated. This Tuesday, win or lose, is a big moment for our movement. I have plans in place for every outcome and every potential opponent, and can't wait to share them all with you (including a birthday party/fundraiser on August 15th, but more on that later this week). We also will be rolling out a new organization that I hope can encourage more to get involved and fight for the rights of the working class. My hope is that this movement can grow and get beyond just me and help candidates and individuals dedicated to fighting for the working class all over our state. As I've long said, this is not about me. I don't need to be a centerpiece or focus. I merely want to be a part of a larger movement to help expand the rights of the working class. I want to fight for higher wages, lower taxes, expanded access to healthcare, building a reliable education system statewide, and getting money out of our politics. The "Working Class Collective" will fight for those causes and be a non partisan group to hopefully help bridge the toxic divide we are experiencing in our modern political landscape.

One final ask I have of you for now is to consider reaching out to any family and friends you have in the community and encourage them to vote. If you encourage them to vote for me, I greatly appreciate it. But regardless of who you may recommend, simply advocating for more people to be involved in our democracy is a massive undertaking and help. We need engaged, educated voters nationwide. I truly believe messages like ours are more popular than anyone realizes, and a good way to show that is to encourage everyone to vote. I know how easy it is to feel like it's pointless - but that's exactly what certain groups are counting on because it lets them take advantage of our political system. So prove them wrong and be part of the change by voting and letting your voice be heard!

I hope you all are doing well, and I will check back in on Wednesday after we get primary results.

Until next time, stay safe and continue the fight for our working class.

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