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From the Trail: First Ad, YouTube Channel, and Shirts.

It never ends over here at the Dawson campaign.

This week started with me filming my first "commercial", which I use lightly because it will likely not be officially aired anywhere besides my social pages and YouTube. We have some additional shooting to do this weekend before it can be edited. And we have a nice little surprise for the music on the ad that I can't wait to talk about (may only be exciting to me but hey, it's the little things). I can't wait for you all to see it! If it turns out how we envisioned, I think it will be a great video introduction to me for new followers.

In addition to that video, work has begun on a YouTube channel to promote the campaign and talk more about issues and current events. I will be bugging all of you to subscribe and share it once it launches, so be ready for that. The videos will be on the shorter side of things, around 5 minutes or so, but will help frame my positions and allow people the chance to interact with me in the comments - I look forward to deleting and blocking hateful ones (if you've caught some of what has happened on my Facebook posts you'll appreciate that).

This is a somewhat light week for news, although not light on the work side haha. The last bit of news in the work is our first t-shirt order, which I am in the middle of putting together. I intend on sticking to union made products whenever possible, and using local artists, design teams, and printers. As such, these shirts will be a little more expensive than some other places I could order from but it is worth it in exchange of knowing workers are being taken care of and supported. If you are interested in a shirt, either send me an email via the site or Facebook messenger (Matt for Michigan).

I can't believe we are only weeks away from the primary. I have a big opportunity to spread our message to people this upcoming Monday, July 11th, in the form of the League of Women Voters' Panel. The panel will be broadcast on MCTV and their YouTube page, and will include myself and (I believe) my primary opponent Larry Grell. The Republican candidates for Michigan Senate - 35th District will kick the night off at 7pm, followed by myself and Mr. Grell at 8pm. People are welcome to attend at the MCTV studio in the Grace A. Dow Library basement, although seating will be limited. I believe people will begin arriving around 6:30pm.

Besides MCTV, there should be a profile coming from Midland Daily News in the near future. I had a wonderful sit down chat with Andrew Mullins, a journalist who graduated from CMU and is splitting time as a city correspondent and photographer for the MDN. Between the MCTV panel and the profile, I'm hopeful we can gather some more followers under the Matt for Michigan banner. As always, I have to reiterate that this is a grassroots campaign. And not in the political buzzword sense, but in the "we have very little funding and no staff so Matt is doing most of this himself" sense. This isn't possible without each and every one of you, and that will never be lost on me. If you can, please consider donating to our campaign via ActBlue ( or simply share our page and posts on social media. A share is worth just as much, and it's free for our followers to do.

I hope this post finds you all doing well, and I can't wait to share what is in the works with each and every one of you. Thank you as always!

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