A Lot of Your Politicians Are Lying to You

How's that for a clickbait title?

Now I don't usually like clickbait titles (doctors HATE this trick, you would NOT BELIEVE what is in your food, on and on...) but I think this is something a lot of us already know or suspect, so I just want to delve into just why that is.

A lot of local politicians are running on national trends and headlines, telling you they want to protect our southern borders, fight Joe Biden's agenda (or support it, take your pick), or change/protect our second amendment. The list is almost never ending and is summarized by just taking the headlines from Fox News or MSNBC and apply them however you need to for your own narrative.

The fact of the matter is that anyone running for local office has next to zero power over any of those things, even if elected. What they CAN effect is local issues - local taxation, protecting our environment, privatization (or fighting against privatization - think dam failure) of public works, funding our schools, and other issues that have more of a direct day to day impact on our lives.

So why do politicians beat the drum for these national issues when the position they're running for has little or nothing to do with said issue? Because they don't think we're smart enough to see through the buzzwords and BS and figure out what we actually need to be focused on.

I want to be straight forward with the voters. I want to tell you exactly what issues are facing this community and find actual solutions, not just point to the other side and blame them for all of our issues. The Democrats need to shoulder blame in the current political landscape. Maybe one side is more to blame than the other, but I honestly don't care to get into that because it won't change anything. Instead I want to do what my parents raised me to do when I see a mess - roll up your sleeves and help clean it up.

And so - that's what I'm suggesting. Cast away anger and hate and instead focus on how much we all have in common and how much we want the same things. Focus on helping your neighbor, not one upping them with yard signs and vulgar flags. Slow down and let that car merge into your lane - you'll both get where you're going and no one has to be hurt or have hard feelings. Let's find bipartisan solutions, don't worry about who gets credit, and instead focus on helping the people that representatives are elected to represent and help.

Certain bad actors want us instead to focus on issues that local politics have no part in. We are so consumed with "winning" that we ignore what we can impact and have power over. We can cut the working class income tax in Michigan. We can look at and close tax loopholes being taken advantage of by corporations. We can ease the burden of the cost of healthcare by offering a public option that lowers the monthly cost for the vast majority of families. The people of Michigan have shown that they can and will go above the heads of representatives who won't listen to the voters, single handedly passing cannabis legalization when corrupt officials wouldn't even bring it to a vote. The people have the power, and I want to help them realize that. I'm not talking revolution, I'm simply talking taking care of each other and looking out for the good of the community. It's what (I feel) all local politicians should be doing instead of writing letters to the editor complaining about voting IDs, Joe Biden, and the southern border (an issue I know is of great importance when passing laws that apply to Michigan...except not really).

As I've said repeatedly, this is a grassroots, people powered movement. I want to be an elected official who actually wants to represent his community and fight for their rights and their well being. I want to be an official who is bipartisan and willing to work with any politician if it means improving the lives of the region and constituents. I won't use smoke and mirrors or buzzwords to confuse or misdirect. I am direct, to the point, and value the time you give in listening to me speak or reading what I write.

And on that note, I'll wrap up this rambling. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to consider these viewpoints. I look forward to speaking to you on the campaign trail on our way to election day.

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