Fighting for our Working Class

I believe that money rules our current climate, both politically and socially. This creates scenarios where those who have less money are left feeling unheard, unrepresented, and powerless. 

I believe this has led to much of the cultural wars and anger we feel as a society. When politicians fail to represent us and fight for the working class people of their communities, they fail the people yet continue to get re-elected. I think we as a community need to say enough is enough and unite together to fight for ourselves. Maybe individually the working class has less power, but together we are the majority. 

This means we need to push for lower taxes on working class households, higher wages, strengthening our schools, and removing the ability for money to silence the voice of the working class.

This isn't a partisan group, we want to work for and work with everyone in our community.

I want this movement to be one that puts the community first to help it grow and flourish.

This is a grassroots movement, which means we rely not on money but on YOU - the best supporters I could ask for, which I will never take that for granted. Every extra person in our movement helps us get just a little louder, moves us one step closer to our goal, and helps lessen the strain on the group. I hope you consider joining our movement and help us fight for the rights and lives of our working class. 


At Deloitte & Touche, I worked on coordinating, executing, and reviewing different products and business practices. I worked on accounts varying from the hospitality business to the sports market. I worked in and traveled through 48 states in a 4 year span (I'll get to Alaska and North Dakota someday), experiencing life in all different areas of this great country. 

After the pandemic, I wanted to change career paths and get into an industry that I felt could accomplish good for the people of the area. I found just that in the cannabis industry, where I can help people with opioid dependencies, chronic pain, sleep issues, and mental health problems find natural solutions that help them in life. I am a firm believer in cannabis and its potential as medicine, recreation, and a business. I believe the tax dollars it can bring to this region and state are too beneficial to ignore. 

As for politics, I have worked in multiple campaigns across the state and federal levels since 2008, mainly as a volunteer and (briefly) as an independent candidate in 2020. Why did I change party affiliation? To help bring progressive ideals to the largest platform possible in the region.